Ibra To Ibri Distance

Distance between Ibra and Ibri is 216 KM (kilometers) and 58.05 meters. Ibra is 134.3 miles away from Ibri.

Ibra and Ibri Location

Ibra is located in the Oman state of as-Sarqiyah at the longitude of 58.5 and latitude of 22.7. Ibri is located in the Oman state of azh-Zhahirah at the longitude of 56.5 and latitude of 23.3.

Ibra direction from Ibri

Ibra is located nearly east side to Ibri. Ibra To Ibri road map direction from google will be integrated.

Time difference between Ibra and Ibri

Time difference between Ibra and Ibri is 0.13533333333333 decimal hours (0 : 8 : 7.2000000000003). Ibra universal time is 3.902 UTC and Ibri universal time is 3.7666666666667 UTC. Ibra is advance Ibri 0 hours and 8 Minutes and 7.2000000000003 seconds.

Travel distance from Ibra

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Ibra To Ibri Travel Time

Travel time from Ibra To Ibri will take 5 hours and 24.09 minutes if the vehicle keep an average speed of sixty kilometer per hour. Travel time by walk may take around 27 hours if you continuously walk at the speed of 6KM.

Ibra Ibri information Note:

All information in this page about Ibra and Ibri are approximate details. It is crow flies distance so the above travel information may be differ from motor road distance.

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